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Linkedin is a great tool for networking and engaging with the market. It is also a great passive tool
to allow you to maintain a constant presence on the market. If you are open to hearing about new
opportunities or are actively looking for a new accountancy jobs there are a number of key ways that
you need to structure your LinkedIn profile. In this blog I want to discuss briefly one aspect of your
LinkedIn profile which is key words.
A key word can be any word or series of words on your profile. When I search for “Management
Accountant” LinkedIn will search for profiles containing these “Key Words” and deliver a result list
based on relevancy.
Think like an employer/recruiter:
When I am searching the market for experienced accountants, I often search LinkedIn using specific
key words. Obviously the generic ‘accountant’ or ‘accountancy’ are a given, but I will sometimes use
sector specific key words like “pharmaceutical” “life” “pensions” to find accountants within these
Sometimes I will include qualifications “CPA” “ACCA” and I will regularly use job titles like
“Management accountant” or “Fund Accountant”.
When I want to do a really detailed search I will add all these together to make the following
“Management Accountant ACCA Aviation Finance” and get an equally detailed result list.
How are you set up for Key Words?
It surprises me how often I speak with job seekers who have indicated that they want to change
direction but have not reflected this on their profile. For example an accountant wishing to change
from a public practice to a multinational should find a way to have the words Multinational or
PLC on their profile. Furthermore the reporting standards that one has exposure to should also be
mentioned such as IFRS, US GAAP.
Other key words that accountants must have are the sectors or clients that they have
worked on. So make sure to list the different areas individually such as
manufacturing, retail, pharma etc. Without the relevant key words you will only show up in generic
searches or worse, show up in the right searches but a few pages behind other job seekers who may
not have the same level of experience but a more complete profile!
In Conclusion
Whatever the type of accountancy job it is that you want to get into make sure you have a think
about the key words associated with that sector, industry and role. Then ensure that they appear in
your profile so whatever you want to get into whether it be insolvency, corporate finance, internal
audit, financial accounting, management accounting etc., you will be positioned at the top of the list.
If you would like to discuss your LinkedIn profile, CV or how to key word your career path contact or visit our accountancy page with dedicated blogs, resources and jobs.