A guide to switching off over the holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes ….

I feel like the Christmas Decorations were up a little too soon this year, Brown Thomas are rapidly approaching the point where they just leave them up… No sooner had Halloween passed; the ads were on and shops were playing the tunes !  ( I will admit I do like the Christmas tunes ! )

With the month of December now well underway; the Christmas vibe is well in place albeit for many of us – that can mean added pressure and hitting deadlines as the financial year comes to a close.

How to start switching off..

Some businesses are full service over the holidays, many however cease trading and that often brings last minute pressure. Be ruthless with your time in the run up to the Holidays and ensure a high level of organisation on your part. I often find that instead of ramping down before Christmas – go the other way, I put in a big effort in the final 2- 3 weeks before finishing up so that I can properly and fully wind down while the office is on hiatus. Not only do I get a run of steam up for January – but it’s a great time to deal with legacy issues also (those little tasks you’ve been putting off…).

The best way to relax over the holidays is to have the peace of mind and knowledge that you’ve left a tidy, organised and productive desk ready for January.

Being able to Switch off and if you have to follow up with a Customer/Client over the Holiday period

So many of us yearn for time off work over Christmas to spend with family and friends, but when it comes to being away from the office, switching off can be hard to do (especially if you have a work smartphone, email access etc). Nonetheless, it’s important to unplug yourself from your job and enjoy your holiday break, ( and the Selection Boxes; Mince Pies ! ) as it will allow you to return in the New Year with a fresh perspective and renewed energy. As important as it is to get your workspace organised before the break up, it’s equally important to have a hard stop point. Set a date and time and switch off your phone. Go into settings and turn off notifications or set the phone to do not disturb. Don’t turn on the laptop. Make sure that on the first day of your holidays, you look at nothing work related and try to fully remove yourself from your typical work based routine.

The more prepared you are for your absence, the less likely you will receive last-minute requests on the way out the door or on the first day of your break – give yourself every opportunity to properly enjoy the down time.

Take a good quality break

In recruitment one of the best periods each year is over the holiday period and many industries are similar. Knowing that the phone is less likely to ring and new instructions are less frequent is a great catalyst for improved relaxation. If you’ve built up holidays and are able to carry them take a few extra days at the start of January or finish up a day or two early. It’s some of the highest quality down time available in the calendar year so use it effectively.

Written by Denis MacSweeney, Associate Director Sales & Marketing.

denis@amicustest.ie | 01 234 3196

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