Basic CV Formatting advice from Amicus Recruitment


Grammar, Language & Spelling

Ensure that your language is set to English (Ireland) so that the spelling and grammar check works the way you want it to.  After doing this run spell check on your entire CV in case the previous language settings have allowed spelling or grammar errors.

Formatting Recruitment 1

Font & Size

Highlight all the text in the document by hitting CTRL-A. Then using the headers at the top ensure that your font type and size are congruent throughout. This will ensure that there is consistency in the body of your CV. Do this before you do any advanced formatting such as increasing font size on headers etc.

Formatting Recruitment 2

Paragraphs & Spacing

Highlight the entire document and hit paragraph key . This will highlight all the paragraphs, page breaks and end of sentences which will ensure that the formatting tabulation and spacing is consistent throughout the document.


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Basic CV Formatting advice from Amicus Recruitment