“I was head-hunted for my current role”

“I was head-hunted for my current role” is a statement I come across regularly within recruitment, but it is also a statement that fails to correctly categorise the nature of an approach in many instances.
If you are contacted about a role – especially if the approach is unsolicited, it is important to identify the nature of the introduction so that you can assess where you stand in the process.
Being head-hunted is not a common occurrence but due to miscommunication is often the impression an individual is left with having been contacted about a role.
Being “head-hunted” specifically for a role is actually a very direct method of approach by a company seeking to hire. It usually occurs where a person’s reputation or a strong recommendation makes them a desirable choice for a current hiring need.
Head-hunting is most often confused with executive search. Executive search is similar in that you may be approached without any awareness or intention on your part in relation to a role. The difference however is that you are being highlighted and approached based on your suitability for a role, as opposed to the company’s prior awareness of you.
In summary:
  • Head-hunt: A company knows you, and wants to meet you regarding a role.
  • Executive Search: Your skills and experience are suitable for a role, and you are being asked to enter an interview process.
The overlap between the two is where a hiring entity signs off on the names on an executive search list. This category of approach rests somewhere between the two and reflects a heightened interest on the part of the employer, but not to the same degree as a head-hunt.
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