My internship with Amicus

My name is Cliona Burke and yesterday I started an internship in Amicus Recruitment for the summer. I’ve just finished transition year and I have been out looking for a summer job since the day I got my holidays. Then I got the idea that I could see if my uncle, Robert, who started Amicus in February, would take me on to work with him for a few weeks.

Amicus recruits within the legal market and Law is something I have always been drawn to when thinking about careers later in life. With this in mind I thought it would be the perfect way to get a feel for the law and recruitment. Robert was happy to have me in as he knows I have always had an interest in the legal world and was in search for a summer job.

So what do I want to get out of this?

Over the next few weeks one of the main things that I want to get to know is marketing and advertising. This is something that will never go to waste, persuasion often comes in handy and communication skills are very important in life. To be exposed to the legal market is another big thing should I hope to train in a law firm.

Getting to know all the different positions that need to be filled in order for a firm to run, and all the different people who are needed for different roles has been an eye opener.

Why recruitment?

I’m also interested to see how recruitment works. I have been here one day now and I have learned more words and terms than I would in any full week of school. Recognising the amount of work it takes for someone to move job and making sure it’s the right choice has been extremely interesting.

These are all things I am really eager to learn about and I am fascinated with how much you have to know to be able to do your job right.

Getting used to the office environment and actually coming to work everyday from 9-5 in itself is something to get used to, so I am really looking forward to where these coming weeks take me. I hope I can help Amicus out but at the same time come out having learned a few things and earned some money for myself.

I’ll write another blog at the end of the Summer to fill in on how things have gone!